Hunting Week Special: Corey MacDonald & Neil Debassige

November 21, 2018

Corey MacDonald, local amateur outdoorsman, and Neil Debassige, host of Fuel the Fire TV, join Jesse during the opening season of rifle week for Manitoulin Whitetail Deer. Conversation ranges from travelling the world, bow hunting tips and blunders, and how to improve your chances for whitetail success.


Season 2 | Episode 2: ONE KWE

October 26, 2018

After months of deliberating on how to best approach Manitoulin resident and One Kwe Founder, Kathryn Corbiere, the boys finally popped the age old question, "Will you be on our pod?" Kathryn is a custom fabricator of all things awesome - including rad  sculptures and furniture. Her work can be found in homes and shops across Manitoulin. Check her out at


Season 2 | Episode 1: How are ya now?

September 8, 2018

It's been awhile but the boys are back at it for season 2. Grab a slice of pizza and curl up on the couch as Jesse and Matt lay out the plan for the new season and see who shows up for a surprise guest appearance. 


Episode 10: Crabs In The Bucket!

April 6, 2018

Matt and Jesse sit down during a brutal snowstorm in April and talk about the Dumond episode, why the island mentallity can be hazardous and what goals are being set for new success!


Episode 9: Jarred Dumond

April 2, 2018

Friend of the Podcast, and MMA amateur fighter, Jarred Dumond stops by on Easter Weekend to catch up with Jesse to discuss martial arts, dieting for competition, and how to overcome adversity in order to do what you love. Jarred shares the highs and lows of his MMA career and how he draws inspiration from key support networks. 


Episode 8: Nothing to Fear

March 8, 2018

Matt and Jesse link up to reflect on Jesse's comedy debut and tackling fear. 


Episode 7: Talking Nutrition with Heather Galea

March 2, 2018

Heather is a nutritionist, artist, mother and Matt's better half. You can find her on instagram @modest_makings. 


Episode 6: Quick Jesse Update

February 24, 2018

Jesse takes his dog for a walk and rambles about an update on the podcast, life and more.


Episode 5: Get Outdoors ft. Neil Debassige

February 9, 2018

Jesse is joined by Celebrity Guest Neil Debassige of Fuel the Fire TV to talk drive, hunting and the great outdoors.


Episode 4: Hot Sauce Celly

February 2, 2018

Matt and Jesse celebrate their month long cleanse by crushing some hot wings. Only one survives. It's not Matt.